Sunday, 27 May 2012

 I needed to make a lot of flowers to complete the work. I had originally thought that the lampshade frames would be a focal point, but down to the sheer size of the piece they have come to provide the purpose of 'added interest'.

Mirror images from different angles. I thought using the mirror underneath provided the perfect purpose of getting the ceiling to touch the floor, this element was inspired by artist Hsiao-Chi Tsai. Remember my project was titled 'Bringing the floor up, Bringing the ceiling down'. I think that some of the reflections look beautiful.
Finally hanging at college, I'm really pleased with the end result, its been hard work, and I think its very 'me',  people that know me would recognise immediately that this was my work, and I don't think it would look out of place in Elmer's forest either, which is where an element of the inspiration came from. I'm a happy bunny!

I had to dismantle the piece at home and re assemble it at college. For the first time there was to be an element of permanence to it, before things had been attached on a temporary basis. I am happy to be hanging it at college. Thank you to Julie for her help, it took two cars to transport it. This has been in my work room for weeks, its 8 feet long. My room will look quite empty now.

Tassel's made from pop bottles, bottle tops and anything else I could find. I still had to be careful to balance the colour from the top of the chandelier to the bottom, these could have thrown the balance out, they were great fun to make, how on earth am I going to get these to college without them becoming a tangled mess!

Lying on the floor, and looking up! I did this at home, I took so many photos at this angle, it was so pretty, this really had the 'Alice in Wonderland' affect.

Mirror image. Because the project was about collecting and hoarding and re cycling, I had wondered if I collected some old and unwanted mirrors to put underneath. I liked the idea of a 'clutter' of mirrors, so there would be sections of the reflections contained within a variety of frames. But sadly it didn't look as good as I had wanted. I think I'm going to go for a flat mirror, the reflections are too good to miss out on.

I love the mix of textures and surfaces, and the fact that it looks so full. Its starting to look good now. (Huge relief!)

I made flowers from fruit shoot bottles, using plastic straws, buttons and beads for the stamens. I think these are great fun, I loved making them.
Iv added strings of beads and Victorian cotton reels. Things are coming together now. I now can see the two rings becoming one 'piece'. I need to be careful with my colour balance, I mustn't allow one to become more dominant.

I started to fix flowers to the chandelier frame, I have to keep a good variety for it to look exciting.

I experimented with using pop bottles to make flowers. I needed the contrast. Copydex was the best glue to stick fabric to plastic.
Ronny loves pink! Sexy boy.

More experimenting with flowers, although I used these in my final piece, I much preferred the flowers with a mix of paper, plastic and wool etc.
Constructing flowers, this was one of many. In this example there are painted map papers that were left over from my last project, I absolutely love stitching into paper.

I started to experiment with ways of making flowers, one of my sources of inspiration has been from the Elmer the Elephant books. I love the flowers and the colours. I'm using plastic bags and old paper, wool and fabric. I am to be making many of these so I have to start thinking outside the box. Actually it was at this stage that my sewing machine broke. what a set back that was!