Wednesday, 18 January 2012

This is my new blog, welcome to my visitors!
My current work for my final project is an installation. It is called 'Bringing the Ceiling Down, Bringing the Floor Up.

I am intrigued by, and attracted to things that are old, worn or torn, things that others would just walk past. Materials that are unwanted or that are no longer loved or have a purpose. Things that are of an 'odd' nature. For me, they need to be given back a purpose; a bit of pride.
I am motivated by the challenge and fun element of working with reclaimed and found resources, working and experimenting with them to create in an innovative way.

At the moment I am working toward making a chandelier inspired by the works of artist Clare Graham who uses his hoarding and collecting to inspire his work, and also Patricia Burleson who made a series of themed baskets/sculptures, which are made from found objects.

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