Monday, 2 April 2012

I'm sure these lenses are going to come in very handy, the orange is a great splash of colour. In this piece of work I will be exploring the the physical and aesthetic effect of balancing materials and colour.

Iv had great fun finding old lampshades, stripping them down to the wire frame and experimenting with different themes. I love this one, I know that these colours are going to be significant in my final work.

My very kind car mechanic has been saving me used spark plugs, I have boxes of them round my house!! They are to be transformed into tassel's or to be used as the centres of flowers which will be made from plastic pop bottles covered in fabric or paint.

I read a comment that artist Mariann Lovink made about one of her instillation's, she said she was excited about 'creating imaginary hybrids, new versions of the natural that are both unpredictable and evocative' to include in her work. Her statement excited me, it is very relevant to my work, and so with  the support of sketched observations of exotic plants from the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, and  illustrations from the 'Elmer the Elephant' books of the beautiful flowers in the forest, I aim to use these as sources of inspiration to create 'unpredictable imaginary hybrids' using my own style of working, out of collected 'oddities' and other found and unwanted items.

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  1. love your work Sally...keep it up & keep blogging...!